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Using OneKey Lite to back up mnemonics

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★ OneKey Lite only supports backup of hot wallet's helper words.

★ OneKey Lite requires the OneKey App. If you want to use OneKey Lite to back up other wallets, you will need to import the booster into the OneKey App first and then connect to OneKey Lite to back up the booster.

★ If you want to use OneKey Lite to back up other wallets, you need to import the stored words into the OneKey App and then connect OneKey Lite to back up.


Download and install the OneKey App

Official App Download:


To back up using OneKey Lite

Click the tab icon on the bottom right -- [OneKey Lite] -- [Backup to OneKey Lite].

When there is no Hot Wallet account in the App, [Restore via OneKey Lite] will be displayed (OneKey Lite can only back up Hot Wallet helpers).




● Set the PIN code for Lite (Make sure to write down the PIN code, as it will be used when you use Lite to restore your wallet.)

● Place Lite at the top of the back of your phone as shown in the illustration and keep it there, then click [Connect] - [Backup successfully].




Note: If [Backup in this device] is displayed, it means there is already a set of helper words saved in this Lite card, if you choose [Overwrite], this backup will overwrite the original saved helper words.




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