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Use App to create or import hot wallet

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★Before making a large amount of recharge, please be sure to test with a small amount for the first time. Make sure the recharge and withdrawal can be completed before the large amount of recharge can be used.
★The recovery phrase is the only way for you to recover your wallet. Please keep it properly. Don't record it on any electronic device, and don't spread or record it on any network channel to ensure the safety of your assets.


Be sure to download App from our official website

Use your mobile browser to open OneKey official  link : and select the iOS or Android version to download. 


Create the hot wallet

Select [Create Wallet] — [App Wallet].




If the hardware wallet has already been connected and used, then find the account management page —  [+] at the bottom left — [Create Wallet] — [App Wallet].




At this point you need to set the password for hot wallet and follow the prompts to copy the recovery phrase, after that the hot wallet is created, the first address is created by default.

Note: the recovery phrase is the only way you can recover your wallet, so be sure to keep it safe and never share it, as anyone with these words will have full access to your wallet.




How to create more addresses

[Add Account] — [Create] — [Verify Password] on the account management page - creation is complete and the second address generated by the recovery phrase is created by default.




Add existing wallet

When you need to import an existing recovery phrase to restore an address (Note: importing recovery phrase into the App will turn the wallet into a hot wallet.)

Go to Account Management and select [+] in the bottom left corner — [Add existing wallet], or select [Add existing wallet] on the welcome page.

  • Import recovery phrase: Recover the first address by default, you can continue to recover more addresses of each chain generated by the recovery phrase by selecting [Add Account] in the account management.
  • Import private key: Recover the single currency account address corresponding to this private key.
  • Import address: Generate a watched account. You can view the assets and historical transactions of this address, do not have ownership and cannot interact with it.
  • Wallet recovery via OneKey lite tutorial.




Account management page

Click on the top left corner of any account address page to enter the account management, you can choose the type of account you need to manage and add address accounts.




How to add tokens

Click the button on the right to search for tokens to add. If you can't search for tokens, you can add them through the contract address of the token.

Token contract address search website:





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