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How to use hardware wallet on App

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★Before making a large amount of recharge, please be sure to test with a small amount for the first time. Make sure the recharge and withdrawal can be completed before the large amount of recharge can be used.
★The recovery phrase is the only way for you to recover your wallet. Please keep it properly. Don't record it on any electronic device, and don't spread or record it on any network channel to ensure the safety of your assets.


For hardware wallets with bluetooth

√ OneKey Touch

√ OneKey Classic

× OneKey Mini (Mini does not have bluetooth so it does not support connection to the App.)


Activate the hardware wallet first

Before using the App to connect to your hardware wallet, please make sure the hardware wallet is activated, if it is not, please check the tutorial to activate it : OneKey hardware wallet activation tutorial


Be sure to download App from our official website

Use your mobile browser to open OneKey official  link : and select the iOS or Android version to download. 


Connect hardware wallet

[Create Wallet] —— [Hardware Wallet] —— [Connect Device]




Make sure your phone's Bluetooth is turned on and place the hardware wallet near your phone. Follow the on-screen prompts to enter the PIN code on the hardware wallet to unlock it.




The hardware wallet displays the first address by default, click to confirm, the setup is complete and you can start using it.




How to switch chains

Click on the top right corner to switch.

Note: The Send button is grayed out when the address does not have the gas fee needed for the current chain to make a transaction.




How to receive/withdraw coins to the wallet

Take ETH as an example, click [Receive] to get the receiving address and QR code.




How to add more accounts

Click the top left corner, select [Add Account], set the network and account name, then click [Create].




At this point, you need to connect to the hardware wallet again to unlock the PIN code. The second address is created by default and is confirmed on the hardware wallet when the creation is complete.




How to add tokens

Click the button on the right to search for tokens to add. If you can't search for tokens, you can add them through the contract address of the token.

Token contract address search website:




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