Earn referral bonus for OneKey’s products via Shopify

Register for the Referral Rebate Program.

1. Enter your details at https://af.uppromote.com/onekeyhq/register


2. Once done you will receive a confirmation email. Please make sure you check your Spam folder if you don’t receive it in your main inbox.


3. Click into the link and re-enter your details.

The dashboard appears once you successfully log in. You can get to the OneKey Shopify homepage by clicking the referral link at the top of the dashboard. If other people purchase products after clicking on your link, you will receive a 5% commission on the sale.


Get direct links to the products.

1. Click the “Get Product” Link on the dashboard

2. Click “Search or browse a product here” to generate the affiliate link in the pop-up window


3. Once you've clicked "Generate", you may share the link with your friends or include it in your video.


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