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How to get OneKey Mini built-in NFT pet

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1. Please use the OneKey plug-in v2.2.0. (Plugin download address , OneKey browser plug-in usage tutorial) Old version plug-ins can enter the extension management and click update.


2. Please use Desktop to update the firmware of OneKey Mini to the latest version 2.1.10. Open Desktop, select Settings - Device - Security-Firmware Version to update.


After completing the above settings, use the browser to enter the official website: , select Claim NFT Pets.


After clicking Connect to wallet, drop down and select Claim NFT Pets.


Click Claim. It is reminded that your NFT pet will be claimed to the current address 0xXX...XXX. Please keep in mind that this NFT will be claimed to the wallet address associated with the current connection (not necessarily the OneKey Mini of the current connection). In addition, please ensure that your current wallet address has enough BNB as the gas fee.4.png5.png

After claiming it, you can check on the chain.6.png7.png

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