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How to use OneKey hardware wallet to connect to Solana Chain

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OneKey browser extension official download address , OneKey browser extension tutorial

1. Open the browser extension and select the Solana mainnet,click Connect Hardware Wallet and follow the prompts to complete the address addition.




2. After selecting the address, click to confirm the import, and the import of the address is completed.You can see the identification of the hardware account on the address page.

(Use the last address, you need to record the import path. Example: m/44‘/501’/325’/0)
PS: The import path of the N address on the Solana chain in the extension is: m/44‘/501’/N-1’/0


3. If you need to add more solana hardware addresses, you can click Connect Hardware Wallet to continue adding, or select multiple addresses to import.


The tutorial of using OneKey browser extension to defi on the Solana chain, the following uses Raydium as an example.

Tips: When hardware signing is performed on the Solana chain, blind signing needs to be turned on. Blind sign description and usage tutorial

●  In DApp, select Sollet Extension to connect to the OneKey extension.

●  If your browser has already installed the Sollet wallet extension, please close the sollet wallet extension, and then restart the browser to connect again, otherwise it will conflict with the OneKey extension, resulting in failure to wake up.

1. Open the DApp webpage and click Connect


2. Click Sollet Extension


3. Click to connect in the pop-up window


4. The wallet address connection is complete


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