How to Withdraw Assets from Binance Exchange to OneKey Wallet

For your financial security, please be sure to go to the OneKey official website link at to download the genuine OneKey app.

After opening the link on your browser, select the version you need and click download. Mobile apps can be downloaded and installed from the App Store or Google PlayStore to ensure you are downloading the genuine OneKey app.


Login Account:

Note: If you are not sure if the proposed asset is supported by OneKey, please consult online customer service before proceeding.

Note: Please try a small amount for the first transaction and confirm it is correct before withdrawing large amounts of coins.


1. Open the OneKey app, find the address you want to transfer to, and click "Receive".


2. The hardware wallet can be checked by clicking on the check address (to avoid address tampering by hackers).
Hardware wallet is not around, you can directly [I dont have my device with me]



3.Copy Address


 If you don't have a hardware wallet, you can also create a hot wallet and use it as follows


Switches the corresponding chain.


Add more addresses


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