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Swap achievement system reward rules

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๐Ÿ”‘ OneKey Swap achievement system reward rules


โœ” OneKey Swap cumulative amount reward

Record and accumulate the user's Swap amount. When a certain amount is reached, the user can receive a blind box, and open the blind box to get a random OneKey Pet.


โœ” System task reward

Completing system tasks can get corresponding rewards, such as participating in a trading competition, and the winner can receive a OneKey wallet.

โœ” OneKey Pet development

OneKey Pet is cultivated through daily check-in and other functions, such as "touching", "feeding experience potion", "wearing equipment" and other behaviors.


โœ” OneKey Pet upgrade

Operating in the OneKey system can obtain growth points for OneKey Pet to upgrade. For example, operation protection Swap, adding or removing liquidity, Farm, etc.

โœ” Rare Pet Privilege

Increase rewards for specific types of OneKey Pets, for example, draw specific types of Pets to receive OneKey wallets; some rare Pets can have special privileges such as fee reduction or exemption, and preferential airdrops from cooperative project parties.



๐Ÿ”‘ OneKey Pet generation

OneKey Pet is bound to hardware, that is, one hardware wallet corresponds to one OneKey Pet. In order to increase the playability, we allow additional generation. When the crowdfunding activity is over, we will destroy the original ERC1155 wallet and cast a new ERC721 blind box while the user is in the process of picking up the goods. When the user receives the wallet, he can activate the ERC721 to know what type of Pet it corresponds to.


๐Ÿ”‘ Information storage

The storage of too much information on the chain is destined to consume more costs, so we store most of the operation data on the chain and store the evidence on the chain. The Merkle tree structure is used to regularly package all data and store the root hash On the chain, if necessary, the original data can be packaged into IPFS, and users can verify it to avoid the possibility of the project party from modifying the data.

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