Use OneKey hardware ID to log in to Dfinity ICP wallet

The official introduction of Dfinity wallet instructions

The Dfinity Wallet mainly includes ICP accounts, Neurons, Voting, Canister (smart contracts) and other functions. Logging in to the Dfinity ICP wallet requires a hardware ID. We can use the OneKey hardware wallet for authentication. The specific operation method is as follows:

Open the Dfinity ICP wallet URL :


At this time, the identity verification is complete and enter the wallet interface.

Send and Stake ICP

● Send means transfer between ICP addresses.

● Stake means staking ICP to NEURONS to get rewards and participate in the Dfinity governance system. The minimum pledge amount is 1 ICP. You can set the unlock delay up to 8 years, and you can only vote if you lock it for more than 6 months.



After the stake, you can perform operations such as unlocking, viewing the status, and following.

● Start Unlock: unlock the neuron and enter the Dissolving state.

● Stop Dissolving: Stop unlocking and enter the Locked state again.

● Disburse: When the Dissolve Delay is 0, ICP can be withdrawn to the wallet.

● Increase Dissolve Delay: Increase the unlock delay.

● Spawn: When the neuron maturity reaches the threshold, new neurons can be generated, and then the maturity drops to 0.

● Neuron state

Locked: In the Locked state, the countdown of Dissolve Delay will be suspended. At this time, age will be accumulated, and the greater the age, the greater the voting weight.

Dissolving: Enter the Dissolving state after Unlock, age will be cleared, Dissolve Delay enters a countdown, and you cannot vote after Dissolve Delay is less than 6 months.

Dissolved: When the Dissolve Delay countdown becomes 0, the status becomes Dissolved. At this time, you can withdraw the ICP to your wallet account.


● Following

Neurons in Stake can be set to follow other neurons to vote, click Edit Followers, enter the neuron ID to configure voting follow, click Save and Close to finish. Follow configuration has Manage Neuron, Exchange Rate, Network Economics and other modes, and different voting follow modes can be configured as needed.



ICP stakes in neurons to get rewards, and then can participate in governance by voting on Network Neural System (NNS) proposals.



Create Canister, then convert ICP to Cycle and store it in Canister.



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