OneKey Browser Plugin Solana Chain Defi Tutorial

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★Very important! ! Before making a large amount of recharge, please be sure to test with a small amount for the first time. Recharge and withdrawal can be completed before the large amount of recharge can be used.
★The mnemonic phrase is the only way for you to recover your wallet. Please keep it properly. Don't record it on any electronic device, and don't spread or record it on any network channel to ensure the safety of your assets.

Today, I will introduce you to the tutorial of defi using the OneKey plug-in on the Solana chain. Take Raydium as an example.

OneKey plugin official download address: 

OneKey plugin usage tutorial:   


1. When trading on the chain, it is necessary to deposit enough Gas fee in the wallet to ensure the smooth completion of the transaction. To mine on the Solana chain, a certain amount of sol needs to be stored in the wallet. For related knowledge about Gas, you can check: What is "block gas limit"?

2. Currently, only plug-in wallet (hot wallet) addresses are supported to connect to the Solana chain. Hardware wallet addresses are temporarily not supported. Please turn off the hardware wallet-only mode on the plug-in side.


Note: If you have used Hardware Only Mode before, the hot wallet account that appears after turning off this mode is automatically generated by the plug-in. If you use this address, please be sure to record the private key, mnemonic phrase, etc. of the address . The safest way is: you can import your existing hot wallet account to continue the operation.

3、If your browser has installed the Sollet wallet plug-in, please close the sollet wallet plug-in in the extension, and then restart the browser to connect again, otherwise it will conflict with the OneKey plug-in and cause you to be unable to wake up.



The following is the OneKey browser plug-in Solana chain Defi tutorial.





Please remember:

Before making a large amount of money, please make sure to use a small amount to test the coin for the first time. The recharge and withdrawal can be completed before the large amount of money can be used.

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