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What to do if you can't restore a used address

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There are three probable circumstances if you are unable to restore your utilized address after importing the mnemonic into your hardware wallet.

1. Take care of any path issues

The BIP-39 protocol is used for the hardware wallet's mnemonic. (What exactly is BIP-39?) When you login to the hardware wallet with the OneKey app and choose Create New Account, the default address path is m/44'/60'/0'/0/0. m/44'/60'/0'/0/1, m/44'/60'/0'/0/2, and so on are the address paths formed if you continue to pick Create New Account.


When the hardware wallet login is connected on the browser extension side, these address groups formed by mnemonics are also sorted in path order. The path for address number 1 is m/44'/60'/0'/0/0, for address number 2 it is m/44'/60'/0'/0/1, and so on. You may get the path to your address by selecting Create New Account in the OneKey app, then going to Advanced Settings and entering the right path to your address. How to solve the inconsistency between the address recovered by importing mnemonic and the original address can be found at: How to fix the inconsistency between the address recovered by importing a mnemonic and the original address.


2.Activate Password

Please see the following tutorial for further information on Pass: Passphrase function overview and usage tutorial

You have Pass enabled if you have it enabled on your desktop or if you have entered your password on the Pass page when connecting to the extension.



If you have Pass enabled, either disable it or try entering the Pass you used to acquire your address.

Note: When Pass is enabled, a new set of addresses is created. When you use a different Pass, you get a whole new set of addresses that aren't the same as the ones you had before. The following formula can be used to understand the link between a mnemonic, Pass, and an address:

Passphrase 1 = Address group 1
Passphrase 1 + Passphrase 1 = Address Group 2
Passphrase 1 + Passphrase 2 = Address group 3

▶Three distinct address groups exist: address group 1, address group 2, and address group 3.

▶Only addresses in Address Group 1 are recoverable with Pass 1.

▶If you want to recover addresses from Address Group 2 or Address Group 3, you'll need Pass 1 + the appropriate mnemonic, and if any of them is incorrect, the addresses from Address Group 2 and Address Group 3 will not be retrieved.

▶Even if you have the necessary mnemonic, you won't be able to restore addresses if Pass records are confused or lost.

3. Mnemonics that have been entered incorrectly or that have been mixed up

Make sure your mnemonic is correct before importing it into the hardware wallet, whether there is a mnemonic input mistake or the mnemonic is mixed up or misremembered.

In practice, we've had a lot of customers who couldn't recall their addresses because their mnemonics were mixed up or forgotten, but the problem was rectified by importing the correct mnemonics. As a result, this article has been marked as special, so please double-check it.



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