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OneKey NFT Invitation Tutorial

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1、Verify the invitation code

Please check whether the invitation code filled in when the invitee places an order is correct.

2、Rebate will be issued directly

The commission will be issued directly to the invitee's address.

3、Deviation in the amount of rebate

Because using non-USDT to buy wallets will incur a fee, which will lead to a slight deviation in price.


Method 1: Copy your invitation link and invitees can use this link to purchase.


Method 2:copy your invitation code, invitees can enter this invitation code when purchasing.


Method 3:Click on the download poster and invitees scan the QR code to enter the relevant webpage.


To view the invitation reward, click 【View on Browser】and enter the blockchain browser to view the details.




1、About the invitation rebate rules can click OneKey NFT reward rules View

2, other issues can be submitted to the work order.





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