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During the development of the wallet, we discovered that remembering the mnemonic was a constant source of frustration.

The main aspect is that the mnemonic must be "encrypted and stored," with the encryption chip being as secure as the hardware wallet.

That's why we developed the OneKey Lite Backup Kit, also known as OneKey Lite.

OneKey Lite makes storing your wallet app's tokens in hardware a breeze, as it:

- Size as small as a credit card

- Built-in CC EAL6+ security chip (same as hardware wallet)

- Data transfer via NFC near field communication

- Full military-grade encryption channel

- Instant backup and restore of wallet app

- Automatic data wiping with 10 brutal cracks

If you're using the OneKey app, it's a good idea to:

1. Make a handwritten duplicate of the mnemonic and keep it somewhere secure at home.

2. Make a backup of your wallet using OneKey Lite and keep it with you.

If your wallet is accidentally erased or reset, you may always recover it using Lite.

Because the PIN code and encryption chip offer you plenty of time to relocate your assets, you won't have to worry about security x-rays or losing Lite.

Note: We only allow communication between the OneKey app and Lite, not between Lite and the hardware wallet, due to security concerns.

The OneKey Lite card communicates using NFC wireless technology and does not have any metal contact points, therefore it will not rust.

Because this device lacks an internal battery, its lifespan is governed by the internal chip storage area years, which is often stated as 20 years.

This device cannot be used without a password, and if the password is incorrect more than ten times, the storage space will be emptied, so you won't have to worry about other people picking up the violent crack.

Unless we find a truly secure alternative, the hardware wallet is designed in such a way that the mnemonic cannot be exported in any form.



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