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How to recover your wallet using OneKey Lite

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When there is an active software wallet in the OneKey app, you cannot restore a wallet from the device.

Because the app can only log in one set of mnemonic when there is an active wallet in the OneKey app, it is not feasible to restore the wallet from the device. Remove the current palette and try again if you need to recover a saved palindrome from OneKey Lite.


Click on the top right corner of the wallet card and select Connect Devices → click Add New Device → select OneKey Lite Connect via NFC


Click Connect Device, place the device and phone as shown in the diagram to scan successfully, the ID number of this OneKey Lite is displayed, click Restore Wallet to scan again.


Click Start Recovery → Enter the Pin code for this OneKey Lite and scan again.

Note: Please be careful when entering the Pin Code for recovery, as entering it 10 times incorrectly will cause OneKey Lite to reset and the saved data will be erased.


Set the password of the software wallet you want to recover, verify the password, wait a while to see the searched wallets, select the wallet account you want and click Restore.


Select whether to Turn on Face ID as needed, and then the wallet account is restored.

Swipe left or right to reveal the address tab preview screen, which can be accessed by clicking on the account address in the upper right. You'll see the addresses of the many chains of the wallet account you just recovered using OneKey Lite if you go to the wallet option.


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