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How to backup mnemonics with OneKey Lite

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1. For security reasons, OneKey Lite only supports backups of hot wallet mnemonics, not hardware wallet mnemonics.

2.You must first import the mnemonic into the OneKey app before connecting OneKey Lite to backup the mnemonics.

3. One OneKey Lite can only backup one set of mnemonics at a time, and if you try to backup again, you'll be warned that the saved data will be erased.

Open the OneKey app (official app download address: ), enter the app wallet address tab (i.e. address tab without hardware logo), click the top right corner and select Connect Devices → click Add New Device → select OneKey Lite Connect via NFC.


Place the OneKey Lite on the back of the phone and hold it in place as shown in the diagram, then click Connect Device to scan, as shown below.


The OneKey Lite ID information will be displayed after a successful scan, and the new card will be marked as inactive.

Select Backup Wallet → Enter the software wallet password for verification → Pair the connection with OneKey Lite again.


When prompted to backup the wallet mnemonic, click Start BackupSet Up Pin. (Please remember the Pin Code you set, as entering it 10 times incorrectly will cause OneKey Lite to reset and the backed up data will be erased) → Follow the prompts to scan the lite again, and when the scan is complete, the backup will be successful.


The app wallet's mnemonics have now been successfully backed up in OneKey Lite.

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