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OneKey browser extension defi tutorial (using OKExChain as an example)

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★Before topping up a considerable quantity, make sure to test the coins for the first time with a little amount.Use the high amount for top-ups only if you're sure you'll be able to finish the top-up, withdraw money, and everything else.

★Because the mnemonic is the only means to get your wallet back, make sure you keep it safe.To maintain asset security, do not record on any electronic device and do not disseminate or record on any network channel.

We're going to show you how to mine with OKExChain and the OneKey browser extension today. Flux is demonstrated in the following example.

Note: When trading on the blockchain, you must ensure that you have enough Gas in your wallet to execute the transaction.For information about Gas you can see:What is "block gas limit"

● To use the OKExChain address, open your browser, click on the OneKey extension, then choose the account with the OneKey hardware wallet emblem, then select the OKEx Mainnet. (If you aren't already connected to a hardware wallet, go ahead and select Connect Hardware Wallet.)


● Open your browser to the target URL you wish to mine, such as Flux in this case. Connect your wallet by clicking the Connect Wallet button.


● Pick MetaMask, the OneKey plugin will appear instantly, select the hardware wallet account, grant permissions when prompted, and click Connect

Note: Do not run MetaMask and OneKey at the same time, since this may cause conflicts and prevent you from leaping. You can turn it off or on in the extension control section of your browser's top right corner.



● It indicates connected at this point, and you may examine your account by clicking on the upper right corner, while the mining site also displays the address of the just authorized connection.


Please remember that before making a huge top-up, you must first test the coins with a little amount, then top-up, and withdraw coins, all of which can be accomplished before making a large top-up.

This is the Defi tutorial for the OneKey browser extension.

OneKey To keep funds safe and secure, create a good hardware wallet!

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