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Tutorial on how to use hardware wallet on OneKey mobile app

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Write at the top:
★Before making a large amount of recharge, please be sure to test with a small amount for the first time. Make sure the recharge and withdrawal can be completed before the large amount of recharge can be used.
★The mnemonic is the only way for you to recover your wallet. Please keep it properly. Don't record it on any electronic device, and don't spread or record it on any network channel to ensure the safety of your assets.


Please confirm that your hardware wallet has been activated. If it has not been activated, please follow the activation tutorial. To view the tutorial, please click : OneKey hardware wallet activation tutorial.

First, use the mobile browser to open the OneKey official link  and select the iOS or Android version to download the app. Here, take the iOS version as an example, just download it on demand.

The App Store version of iOS is suitable for overseas users (users with non-Mainland China Apple ID).

How to download the OneKey app with an overseas Apple ID?


Confirm that the Bluetooth of the mobile phone is turned on, click Get Started, then click Add Wallet, and select Add Hardware Wallet.

Note: If you want to create/restore a software wallet (hot wallet), just select Add Software Wallet.


Select Connect OneKey hardware wallet via Bluetooth, place the hardware device near the phone, and click Connect Device.


Find the connectable device, click to enter, you can see the name of the device and the words “activated”. Click Add New Account to restore the address generated by the mnemonic phrases of the hardware device, and then select the chain to add. (Restore Previously Used Account that has been used: that is, to restore an account that has a balance or has been traded in the past. Generally, just click to Add New Account.)


Take the ETH chain as an example, click Create Account, and you will be prompted to enter the PIN code. After completion, the account is created successfully.

(If you clearly want to set the address to add to the path, you can open Advanced to set the address path. For the specific method of setting the path, please click on the tutorial to understand: 360004428395 )



How to find the payment address

Click the button to receive the payment, and then check the address. Confirm that the receiving address is correct on the hardware device, and it displays Verified, and you can copy then use it.




I just want to connect to the hardware wallet address to use

If you only want to connect the hardware wallet address to use the app, click ··· in the upper right corner and select Connect Devices to continue adding the hardware wallet address.


Click the name of the hardware device to connect, the same as the previous method, click Add New Account, this time we choose to add the BSC chain address.


● After the creation is successful, you can swipe the tab left and right to view the account.

● Click ··· in the upper right corner and select Connect Devices as before, you can continue to add the hardware wallet address of the corresponding chain.

● Directly click on the address to enter the menu to preview the added account, and you can swipe to select at the top. The Add Account that appears at the bottom of the page has the same meaning as the previous one—that is, create/restore a software wallet (hot wallet), and Connect Devices to continue to add the hardware wallet address.



I want to create/restore a software wallet (hot wallet)

Note: The software wallet is a hot wallet, and it has a parallel relationship with the hardware wallet (the addresses generated by the hardware device). Please do not import the address of the hardware wallet into the hot wallet. For detailed differences, please click the tutorial to understand: The difference between software wallet and hardware wallet.

Click ··· in the upper right corner of the interface, select Add Account, and then select to create/restore a software wallet, and just follow the prompts.


You can also create/restore software wallets through the buttons in the Add Account or Add Software Wallet on the following interface. Different entrances have the same function.



How to add tokens

Click the + sign in the account tab to enter the popular token page. You can click on the search bar above to search and add.


If it is not found, you can add it by clicking Add and entering the contract address of the token.


The addition is completed.



Tutorial extension:

OneKey app Swap and Defi tutorial

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