OneKey browser plug-in tutorial (new version)

Currently, the new version of OneKey plug-in (version 1.9.0 and above) supports connection to the address of the OneKey hardware device only for use, that is, you can select Get started as HW only on the OneKey plug-in interface.


The detailed usage tutorial of OneKey browser plug-in is as follows:

First, go to the official OneKey plug-in download address, select the plug-in version corresponding to the browser to download and install.


I just want to connect the hardware wallet when using the plug-in.

If you only want to use the address of the hardware device, after the browser plug-in is installed, select Get started as HW only in the following interface. Then follow the prompt steps to continue.






Note: When the Passphrase needs to be entered, please do not enter it, just click Confirm.Because it is easy for novices to confuse Passphrase and login passwords, so that the address cannot be retrieved.

Please click on the tutorial to understand what Passphrase is and how to use it correctly:Passphrase function overview and usage guide.

Next, select the address and enter the account.



I need to create/import a software wallet (hot wallet), and I can use the hardware wallet address at the same time.

After downloading and installing the OneKey browser plug-in, select Get Started on the following page.


If you already have a hot wallet, you can choose to import an existing software wallet on the left. If not, then select Create HD Wallet.

Note: The software wallet is a hot wallet, and it has a parallel relationship with the hardware wallet (the address group generated by the hardware device). Please do not import the address of the hardware wallet into the hot wallet. For detailed differences, please click the tutorial to understand : The difference between software wallet and hardware wallet.



The mnemonic phrase generated at this time is the mnemonic phrase of the software wallet address (hot wallet). Please record it and keep it.



After clicking All Done, the creation is successful, and the account and address of the software wallet are displayed.

If you want to use the address of the hardware wallet, connect the OneKey hardware device to the computer, and then select Connect Hardware Wallet.





How to create multiple addresses?

Select Connect Hardware Wallet in the upper right corner. After the connection is successful, the address group will appear. Select the address and click Unlock to connect to the second hardware wallet address.QQ__20210727225307.jpg

How to switch networks?

Pull down to switch the main network in the upper right corner of the browser.


How to view the full address and modify the address name:

Find the account column in the upper right corner and operate as shown in the figure below.


How to connect the wallet address with the project platform?

Take Uniswap as an example. Select MetaMask, OneKey plug-in will automatically jump to the connection.


I downloaded the OneKey plug-in and MetaMask plug-in at the same time, how do I switch?

Note: To avoid conflicts, please do not enable the MetaMask plug-in and OneKey plug-in at the same time, just select one.


Click More in the upper right corner, find Settings, select Extensions, and then turn off, open or remove the plug-in.



In the upper right corner of the browser, select Add-ons and Themes, and find the OneKey plug-in to close or open it.


Tutorial extension:

● Regarding how to add tokens to the browser plug-in, you can check : How to add tokens to OneKey plugin

● We advocate one mine for one address. For specific reasons, you can check : Why DeFi needs OneKey

● If there is a problem connecting your hardware wallet with the OneKey browser plug-in, please go to our help center to troubleshoot : OneKey hardware wallet and browser connection problems and solutions.



Please perform a small transfer test before transferring large amounts of funds.

Please back up the mnemonic phrase of the hardware wallet. mnemonic phrase is the only way to restore assets.

Novices should not turn on Passphrase. If you forget Passphrase, you cannot use mnemonic words to restore your assets.

If funds permit, please purchase two OneKeys, one for use and one for importing mnemonic words for backup.



The above is the tutorial about using the OneKey browser plug-in.

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