Passphrase function overview and usage tutorial

What is Passphrase

1. Passphrase is a number, word or sentence set by the user. It is different from the initial mnemonic phrase automatically generated by the hardware device when it is used for the first time. The word is randomly selected by the algorithm in the standard dictionary under the BIP39 protocol. Passphrase is the word selected by the user. Personally set and save, it can be any collection of numbers or letters, or even sentences. You can think of Passphrase as the "additional word (mnemonic +1)" function of the hardware wallet.

2. There is no right or wrong Passphrase, each new Passphrase will generate a brand new address and private key with the original mnemonic. There are two different accounts from the previous account. If you want to retrieve the previous address, you must enter the previous Passphrase.

That is: After you record the mnemonic phrase generated by the hardware device, and then set the Passphrase, a new set of addresses will be generated. And when you use a different Passphrase, a new set of addresses that are different from the previous address set will be generated.

It can be understood by the following formula:

Mnemonic phrase A = Address group A

Mnemonic phrase A + Passphrase A = Address group B

Mnemonic phrase A + Passphrase B = Address group C

▶ Address group A, address group B, and address group C are three groups of addresses that are unrelated.

▶ Mnemonic phrase A can only restore the addresses in address group A.

▶ When you want to restore the addresses in address group B or address group C, you need mnemonic phrase A + the corresponding Passphrase. Any error will cause the addresses in address group B and address group C to be unrecoverable.

▶ Therefore, we strongly advise novice users to enable Passphrase. When the Passphrase record is confused or forgotten, even if you have the correct mnemonic phrase, the address cannot be recovered.


1. Open [Passphrase] in [Security] of the hardware wallet 

If the hardware wallet does not show this, you need to upgrade the firmware version before using it

Hardware wallet firmware upgrade tutorial





2. Reconnect the hardware wallet on the App software side





3. Enter the corresponding passphrase

4. Click [Enter in Hardware] to enter the Passphrase using the hardware wallet 

5. Check the option of [Fixed] will keep the Passphrase wallet account, when not checked the Passphrase wallet account will be deleted when the software is closed


6. Connect again, you can enter a new Passphrase

7. After closing the software, the Passphrase wallet account that has been checked and fixed will be kept, and the Passphrase wallet account that has not been checked will be deleted at the same time, so you need to reconnect and input Passphrase when you use it next time.

8. Close [Passphrase] in [Security] of the hardware wallet, and reconnect the software side to the hardware wallet to return to the address when the passphrase function is not used.                

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