How to get out of OneKey hardware wallet Bootloader mode


For firmware upgrades, use the bootloader mode

How to exit Bootloader mode:

1.To exit Bootloader mode, most people long press the shutdown key and then reboot.

2.If the hardware wallet does not respond when you press the shutdown key, it is possible that it is stuck in Bootloader mode. Please keep the power on and wait for the power to run out before restarting the hardware wallet.

3.In Bootloader mode, power consumption and then open still useless, it's possible that the firmware installation process created network or connection instability, in which case you'll need to update the firmware. (Before reinstalling, ensure sure mnemonic is properly backed up.)

OneKey Bluetooth firmware and firmware upgrade tutorial:

4. If none of the above methods work, please contact the official staff and click Submit a request.



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