Install firmware for hardware wallet through online installation page

During the installation process, there may be a possibility of firmware overwriting. Please make sure to back up your mnemonic phrase.

Installation steps

  1. Open the browser and access OneKey's official online firmware installation link:
  2. Connect the hardware wallet to the computer using a data cable.
  3. After recognizing the wallet on the page, verify the firmware version and select "Install Firmware". iShot_2023-11-13_16.56.51.png
  4. During the firmware installation process, it is necessary to confirm by pressing buttons on the hardware device. iShot_2023-11-13_16.57.27.png 
  5. When you see the following page prompt, it indicates that the firmware has been successfully installed. iShot_2023-11-13_16.59.09.png 



Solution for Unrecognizable Hardware Wallets

If the firmware installation webpage consistently fails to recognize the hardware wallet (as shown in the image below), please follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue:


  1. Please log out of the OneKey App and any OneKey-related pages in your browser.
  2. Visit the website " "" Check if the Hardware Bridge is operating properly:
    • If the webpage cannot be accessed, it means that the Hardware Bridge is not running. Please check if you have downloaded and correctly installed the correct version. Download link:
    • If the page displays "Connected devices: 0", it means that the hardware is not recognized. Please try changing the connecting cable or the computer interface.
    • If the page displays "Connected devices: 1", it means that the Hardware Bridge is functioning properly and has recognized the hardware.
  3. Clear the cache and plug in the hardware wallet again.
  4. Try using Edge or any other browser to open for firmware installation.
  5. For hardware wallets with lower firmware versions, you need to put the hardware device into BootLoader mode first, and then refresh the webpage to install the firmware according to the webpage instructions. Please refer to the following steps to enter BootLoader/Update Mode for the hardware wallet:

If you encounter any problems during the installation process, please Submit a ticket. Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



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