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Connect Hardware Wallet to webpage for firmware update

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★Be sure to save your mnemonic phrase. The firmware will be overwritten during the upgrade process, which may cause data loss. Please make sure you have the corresponding mnemonic phrase on hand.

First, make the OneKey hardware device enter the BootLoader mode

● OneKey Classic hardware wallet— press and hold the shutdown button and the down button at the same time and do not release it until the screen displays power on..., release the power button at this time, and the hardware device enters the BootLoader mode .


● OneKey Mini hardware wallet—Press and hold the top button first, then insert the data cable to connect.


Then open the official OneKey firmware upgrade website and use the data cable to connect the hardware device to the computer.

The first time you use OneKey Bridge, you must download and install the appropriate operating system (supports Win/Mac/Linux).

●If you don't see the matching system, press "ctrl+"-" to find the equivalent system:

onekey-bridge-2.0.33-1.i386.rpm (Linux 32-bit (rpm))
onekey-bridge-2.0.33-1.x86_64.rpm (Linux 64-bit (rpm))
onekey-bridge-2.0.33-win32-install.exe (windows system users, 32-bit, 64-bit both use this installer)
onekey-bridge-2.0.33.pkg (OSX system users)
onekey-bridge_2.0.33_amd64.deb (Linux 64-bit (deb))
onekey-bridge_2.0.33_i386.deb (Linux 32-bit (deb))


Mac need in System Preferences - Security and Privacy - General select Open Anyway

Setting up the OneKey Bridge

If the prompt "please disconnect the OneKey device" appears during installation, disconnect the hardware wallet from the computer first, and then click OK to install OneKey Bridge

After Bridge is installed, disconnect the hardware device from the computer, and then connect the hardware device in BootLoader mode to the computer again. Click Continue to enter the firmware installation page.


Confirm the firmware version and select Install . The upgrade process may cause data loss, please make sure your mnemonic phrase has been properly saved. (For Bluetooth firmware upgrade, select the Bluetooth firmware on this page to install and upgrade.)


During the firmware installation process, you need to confirm on the hardware device.


Enter the following page, the firmware upgrade is successful, and you can use it normally.


The above is the OneKey hardware device firmware upgrade tutorial. 


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