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1、The 1-3 on the leaderboard will receive 10,000, 6,000, and 3,000 USDT respectively, and the 4-10 will receive 500 USDT.

2、The bonus for the leaderboard is a bonus for OneKey additional rewards, which will be distributed uniformly after the whole round of NFT (90 days) crowdfunding ends.

3、The rebate is based on the actual order amount, multiple rebates for multiple orders.

4. The rebate amount for each OneKey Mini NFT order is 3%, while Touch and Pro are 5% and 9% respectively.


1. When the invitee completes the purchase, the rebate will be issued to the inviter's address in real time.

2、Using non-USDT to purchase wallets will incur a handling fee, which will lead to a slight deviation in price.

3. Click on the blockchain browser to see the detailed records.

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