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Tutorial on how to use OneKey App swap and defi

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Write at the top:
★Before making a large amount of recharge, please be sure to test with a small amount for the first time. Make sure the recharge and withdrawal can be completed before the large amount of recharge can be used.
★The mnemonic is the only way for you to recover your wallet. Please keep it properly. Don't record it on any electronic device, and don't spread or record it on any network channel to ensure the safety of your assets.

Today I will show you how to use the OneKey app for swap and defi. The following takes the BSC chain as an example.
Note: When trading on the chain, it is necessary to deposit enough gas fee in the wallet to ensure the smooth completion of the transaction. For information about gas, you can check: What is "block gas limit"?

How to open the DApp Tab in the OneKey app for iOS (ie the "discovery" page)

Due to App Store review restrictions, after downloading the app, enter onekey://dapp_enable in the system browser Safari to jump to the OneKey app, and the DApp Tab (the "discovery" page) will appear at the bottom of the interface. The graphic tutorial can be clicked: How to open the discovery page in the overseas version of OneKey app


OneKey app Swap tutorial

First open the OneKey app and select the transaction chain. Currently, smart multi-chain exchanges including ETH, BSC, etc. are supported. Click Trade in the option bar below to enter the page, set the slippage, usually the default slippage is enough. Choose the currency of the exchange token and the target token, and enter the number of tokens you want to exchange.


After the input is completed, the current exchange rate, the amount that can be exchanged and the network fee are automatically displayed, and click Confirm Swap to confirm that it is correct.


The miner fee and transaction information are displayed, and the confirmation is correct. Click Next to confirm the transaction information on the hardware wallet.



After the exchange is successful. You can query the transaction history.


OneKey App Defi Tutorial

Select the BSC chain, find Discover in the option bar below, and then enter the address in the search bar, or click directly from the popular list to enter the dapp for defi mining.

Take PancakeSwap as an example. After you click to enter, you will see that the address you selected has been connected to the dapp. If it is not connected, just click Connect to connect. Then you can carry out a series of defi mining operations.


Click the number of windows at the bottom of the page, you can enter the history page to find the recently opened Dapp windows, you can choose to click to enter or clear the windows. The bottom column of the page will display the most recently opened Dapp history link, which is convenient for re-entering.


Please remember: Before making a large amount of money, please be sure to test with a small amount for the first time. The recharge and withdrawal can be completed before the large amount of money can be used.

The above is the tutorial on how to use app swap and defi on OneKey mobile phone.

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