OneKey hardware wallet and browser connection problems and solutions

If you use the Hardware Wallet to connect to the browser plug-in on a daily basis, you may run into a situation where you can't connect or trade, and our support isn't able to assist you fix the problem in the first place, you can reestablish the connection by following these instructions.

Situation 1: The browser extension is unable to connect to the hardware wallet.



Possible cause: OneKey hardware wallet has not yet completed activation (firmware upgrade and creation of new wallet)

1. To test if you can connect properly, we recommend connecting to the desktop first.

(1) If activation is not complete: You must upgrade the firmware and create a new wallet.

Please see the following tutorial for a graphic:tutorial on how to activate the desktop side of the OneKey hardware wallet

Download link for desktop: 

(2) If activation is complete: The firmware upgrade and activation on the mobile app or another computer has been finished, but Bridge must still be installed on the new machine.

Please see the following tutorial for a graphic:tutorial on how to activate the desktop side of the OneKey hardware wallet

Download link for desktop: 

2. The desktop is unable to connect.

If the hardware wallet is still unable to connect to the desktop after installing the desktop according to the preceding procedures, the following scenarios may occur.

(1) In order to connect, the data cable, adapter, and computer port must all be replaced.

Data cannot be sent directly between the computer and OneKey using a USB-C to USB-C cable; an adapter must be used instead.


The adaptor is seen in the diagram below: (There are no recommendations for the adaptor; you must use it as you see fit.)


Note: Please connect the adapter correctly

(2) If the driver installation fails, close the 360 and any other security guards that may interfere with the installation, restart the computer, and then try to connect again.

Please go to our help center for troubleshooting: Windows PC driver installation process

3. The browser extension is still not working.

Make that the hardware wallet activation is complete and the desktop can be used properly, but the browser extension still won't connect.

(1) OneKey and MateMask can only be enabled in the same browser at the same time; you must close one of them in the browser extension administration.


(2) In order to connect and utilize some websites regularly, you may need to switch networks.

Situation 2: The hardware wallet can connect to the browser extension, but no transfers can be made.

1. After activation, the desktop can be used normally.however, the browser extension can't be attached.

In general, if you have a browser cache problem, you should change your browser first (currently known Firefox will be more stable than Google)

URL to get the plugin: 

You can also try the methods listed below:

Clear the browser cache, then uninstall any plug-ins that aren't necessary.

OneKey plugin or MetaMask -> Settings -> Advanced -> Reset account status

Disconnect the hardware, switch it off, then restart the computer.

Close the plug-in in your browser's plug-in management, restart your browser, and then reopen it.

Open your browser at and click Reset.

2. Insufficient fuel ETH, BSC, HECO, and other cryptocurrencies require fuel as transaction fees to pay miners.

The matching coins must be used as fuel (miner's fee), i.e. the address must have ETH, BNB, and HT corresponding to the mainnet.

For more details on fuel you can see: ETH, BSC, HECO and GAS in brief

3. You're trapped in the middle of a transaction.

The time it takes for an Ether transaction to complete is determined by the transaction's miner's fee and the network's congestion.

When a transaction is sent, it is marked as pending, and miners decide how to pack it based on the transaction fee.

The transaction will be in a pending condition if the transaction fee is set too low.

For a solution to a stuck transaction you can see:How to deal with a stuck transaction

In an ideal world, a new high-gas transaction would be completed promptly, and the previous one would be canceled. This procedure, however, does not always work, and earlier transactions are likely to have already been packaged.

4. Hardware wallets link to browser plug-in transfers without requiring the hardware wallet to confirm the transaction.

This can be caused by browser plugin wallets that use the same assistance word as hardware wallets, and it is recommended that the assets be transferred as soon as possible.


Please send a log to our customer service if the hardware wallet does not connect to the OneKey plug-in and does not work after attempting all of the aforementioned techniques.

OneKey browser extension:

My Accounts - Settings - Advanced - Download Status Logs 


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