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Mnemonic for a Dry-Run check

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Some users wonder if they wrote down the mnemonic accurately because it is the only backup to the recovery asset.

Is it preferable to make a new start? Should I take the chance of sending money to a new wallet? How about none of the above? There's a simple technique to double-check that you've written down the recovery seed accurately. Stress-free!

By clicking on the device name in OneKey Desktop, go to Settings - Device - Check Backup and simply follow the instructions. Finally, the gadget will inform you of the restored seed's condition. You might be confident that you have the correct seed, or you can be certain that a new seed is required.


What exactly is "Dry-Run"?

This is an easy and uncomplicated procedure. You inform the device that you want to execute the recovery procedure but don't want it to remember the seeds when you start the verification process. Instead, the gadget compares the seeds it has on hand to the seeds you've just "recovered," then sends the findings to the eWallet interface. OneKey confirms that the backup is correct if the seeds match. The wallet will display an error if it does not match.

Note:Dry-Run recovery is identical to normal recovery. Only the information and instructions displayed on the OneKey device screen should be trusted. Without your physical confirmation, the external interface will never start the recovery process. The order of the words to be typed will never be dictated by the interface (your browser or third-party software). There is also an advanced recovery process accessible.

What's the next logical step?

If the eWallet interface indicates that your seeds are identical, you may rest assured that you have a backup.

If you receive an error message, we strongly advise you to transfer all of your assets to the new wallet.




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