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Tutorial for upgrading OneKey Bluetooth Firmware and Firmware via PC

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Important: Please save your mnemonics because the upgrade process may overwrite the firmware and may cause data loss if you don't have the matching assistance words on hand.

Go to on your browser.As a result, the connection procedure will take longer, please be patient for a few minutes; if it never connects correctly, stop your browser and restart your hardware wallet while replacing the data cord.

1. The first time you use OneKey Bridge, you must download and install the appropriate operating system (supports Win/Mac/Linux).

(1)Because the data cable that comes with the Mac is unable to transport data between the computer and the hardware wallet, the conversion head must be used.

(2)If you don't see the matching system, press "ctrl+"-" to find the equivalent system:

onekey-bridge-2.0.33-1.i386.rpm (Linux 32-bit (rpm))
onekey-bridge-2.0.33-1.x86_64.rpm (Linux 64-bit (rpm))
onekey-bridge-2.0.33-win32-install.exe (windows system users, 32-bit, 64-bit both use this installer)
onekey-bridge-2.0.33.pkg (OSX system users)
onekey-bridge_2.0.33_amd64.deb (Linux 64-bit (deb))
onekey-bridge_2.0.33_i386.deb (Linux 32-bit (deb))


Mac need in System Preferences - Security and Privacy - General select Open Anyway


2. Setting up the OneKey Bridge

If users receive the following error notice due to system differences, detach the hardware from the computer first, then continue the installation.


3. Unplug the hardware wallet usb cable after successful installation, reset the hardware wallet, and reconnect to the computer.


4.Upgrade Bluetooth Firmware

(1) Press the power button and the arrow keys to switch off the computer until it restarts, then release to enter bootloader mode and install the firmware


(2)Wait until the following interface displays, then select Install.
Because the upgrade process may result in data loss, please double-check that your mnemonic has been successfully saved before proceeding.



(3) Select continue on the hardware wallet


5. Upgrade the Firmware

This procedure is the same as upgrading Bluetooth firmware, so repeat the instructions above.



The above is a web-based guide for updating firmware and Bluetooth firmware.

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