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OneKey Connect MetaMask to Play Coin BSC Tutorial

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Onekey PC Tutorial

Using Chrome to access using Chrome

MetaMask is a versatile browser-based wallet, RPC client and basic contract browser.

Click on ''Download''


Click Install


Open MetaMask in your browser and you can see that the wallet is set up on the Ethernet mainnet by default. Click on the main Ethernet network

mceclip0.pngClick on Custom RPC in the drop-down menu


Fill in the following data in the form.

Network name: BSC main network


ChainID (ChainID):56


Mask Manager URL (here the translation of metamask is wrong, it is actually a browser):


Once you finish the setup, you can select BSC main network and your wallet is the wallet of BSC main network.

Find [Link Hardware Wallet].


Check Trezor (the blue box is checked) and click Connect.

blobid19.pngYour browser will then open Trezor's web page, check the "Don't ask me again" box, and click the blue button to confirm.

blobid20.pngTrezor will ask you to export the ethereum public key, which is supposed to be public and secure.

blobid21.pngThis is the same page, Trezor will ask you if you want to enter Passphrase, you can ignore it and just click the green button to continue.

blobid22.pngNumerous addresses appear, and generally you just pick the first one.mceclip2.pngNow you should be looking at a page that looks like this, which means you have completed all the settingsmceclip3.png

MetaMask adds assets in the following way.


Do not add the name of the token by searching for it, you must add the contract to display it properly

The tokens you search for are not HRC20 standard, they are Ether versions of tokens

Don't panic, your tokens won't disappear, just follow the instructions below to add them correctly.


1.Click Add Token

2.Click Custom Token

3.Add contract address

4.Finish adding tokens


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