Solution to the failure of connecting OneKey hardware wallets with OneKey App

Situation 1: The hardware wallet is not linked properly.

1. Verify the app's version.

Me - About - Version

2. Check the OneKey's firmware and bluetooth version.

Device - About - scroll down the second page - you can see the Firmware version and BLE version

3. Restart the OneKey hardware wallet and the app

4. Turn your phone's bluetooth on and off

5. Go to your phone's bluetooth settings and turn off pairing.

Settings - Bluetooth - Find the relevant device - Forget This Device

Situation2: If you get no answer while using OneKey, check to see if it's locked.

If the PIN page shows after pressing any key on OneKey, the hardware device is locked.

Situation 3: There is no search for the hardware device.

Please confirm whether the Bluetooth of the hardware device is on. For more Bluetooth information, you can check:How to determine if bluetooth is turned on for OneKey hardware wallets




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