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What if the OneKey Hardware Wallet does not connect to your computer?(锁)

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1. Please make sure your device is not working in hibernation mode

      The OneKey hardware wallet enters hibernation mode after a period of time (the length of time can be set in the hardware) after not being used. The device USB in this mode is not working, so it cannot be connected to the computer, and you need to exit this mode to connect to the computer normally.

2、Whether the firmware has been upgraded through the App

     If you have used the App to connect onekey before, and upgraded the firmware and Bluetooth, please restart the device before connecting to the computer, otherwise it will not be connected to the PC. If you have not connected to the App, there is no effect.

3. Make sure the PC has upgraded OneKey Bluetooth and firmware and installed OneKey Bridge.

Go to 

For tutorials, please click

OneKey Bridge is an application that facilitates communication between the OneKey hardware wallet and supported browsers (Chrome and Firefox). It is a program that runs in the background and does not require any interaction. Once installed correctly, you will be able to find the trezord process in the Task Manager.

4、Try to replace the USB-C connection cable

     The USB-C connection cable included in the carton may be damaged during the packaging process, please try to replace the USB-C cable.

5、Update the driver on your computer

      In the "Universal Serial Bus Devices" item in the computer device manager, whether to package the ONEKEY Interface device. As shown in the figure below.


If ONEKEY Interface is displayed as a device with an x, there is a problem with the driver. Please follow the tutorial

Method 1.

Go to the website下载工具.
Connect the device to your computer.
Run zadig tool and check ListAll Devices in options


4. select onekey interface(interface 0) from the device list


5. Select WinUSB (v6.1.7600.16385) from the driver list and click Install Driver.


Method 2.

Reinstall the computer motherboard chipset driver, to Lenovo computers, for example, go to the official website of Lenovo computers, find the driver to download.


Please find the driver manually, do not use the automatic driver update tool.


3. Get the driver list based on the computer model and other information. Find the motherboard chipset driver to download and install.


After the installation is complete, restart your computer.

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