Will the device connection be disrupted if you utilize power saving mode/low battery mode?

Some phones may automatically turn off the location service when the battery is low if your phone goes into power saving mode (low battery mode).

When the location service is switched off, the device's connection is lost, so you'll need to use one of the following techniques to reconnect: 

1. Go to the settings and close the power saving option (low battery mode).

2. In Settings, go to Power Saving Mode (Low Battery Mode) - Power Consumption Protection and add OneKey to the list of protections.

3. Charge the phone, and the phone will be able to connect to the device properly after the power level reaches a particular level.

After you've completed the following steps, go to Settings - Location Service to see if the location service is enabled.

ps: Android 12 and above use Bluetooth, no longer need location permission.


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