Why Use Hardware Wallets to Manage Private Keys?

"Not your keys, not your bitcoins," as the adage goes in the cryptocurrency industry.

The ownership and control of the accompanying private key determines who controls all funds in a bitcoin address.

Please bear in mind that you do not possess the coins unless you have the private key. Any platform (wallet, exchange) on which you do not have control over your own private key is centralized and vulnerable to a single point of failure. Keeping your own private key is hence the best option. Even if you're now attempting to make it easier to host your assets on a centralized platform, you'll eventually need to keep your own private key.

The terms "private key," "mnemonic," and "keystore" all refer to the same thing. No one, organization, or hacker will be able to take your coins if you keep them safe. No one, organization, or hacker can take your coins away as long as you keep them safe.

Advantages of OneKey Hardware Wallet

Open source software code

If a wallet doesn't open source its code, you're likely to worry that it's hiding a backdoor that could compromise the security of your assets. Our code is fully and publicly hosted at Github.

Open source firmware code

We use both a secure chip (SE) and a universal chip for our hardware wallets. Again, everything from 3D source files to PCB circuit boards and most importantly, firmware source code, can be found in our Code Repository.

Private Keys Under Your Control

Wallet helpers and seeds created with OneKey are stored locally and encrypted, so only you can decrypt the information, and our servers do not and cannot store any of the user's private data. No more centralized institutions, you are in full control of your encrypted assets.

Listening to the community

We choose to grow with our users, not our capital. Suggestions for us through all types of channels will be heard. Subject to human hands, not all needs will be met, but we will give the best solution possible for the moment.

Attentive customer support

Our customer service is responsive 24/7 and we recommend that you contact hi@onekey.so to submit a question. Most of them can be resolved properly within 24 hours.

Privacy is a top priority

You can change the node, server, block browser, and preferences locally in the App. OneKey's servers do not store any private data about users and do not covet their personal information.

Easy to use for beginners

We've worked hard to lower the barrier to entry for beginners. If you can even recommend it to your elders with confidence, that's a great compliment to our work.

Decent money making

We provide excellent products, create a first-class experience, provide perfect service, finalize generous prices, and earn reasonable profits. It's that simple.

Perfectly adapted to wallets such as MetaMask, DeFi mining and collecting vegetables are both suitable. No secondary sales, all returned goods are destroyed

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