Why I should manage my private key myself

There has always been a saying in the currency world 'Not your keys, not your bitcoins'. It means, "If you can't own your private key, you can't own bitcoins".
Control of all the funds in a bitcoin address depends on the ownership and control of the corresponding private key.
The private key is the gateway to holding the digital wallet, and only the private key can prove that you are the owner of the assets in the wallet, and that this private key is known to no one but you; this is the biggest difference between a cryptographic digital currency and a bank account, your digital assets, which you control yourself, with no centralised authority involved.
If entrusted to an exchange, the security risk of keeping the private key is transferred to the trading platform. It is equivalent to the private key being handed over to the exchange, because the exchange involves a large amount of money flow and must be programmed to operate automatically, it is impossible to have someone to supervise all users accessing and retrieving bitcoins, and the exchange can easily be hacked. At the same time the exchange has policies and business risks that exist. Quite whether your currency is safe or not is completely out of your hands.
So for the safety of your money, be sure to manage your private key yourself.

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