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Advantages and disadvantages of running a full ethereum node

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Choosing to run a complete node can benefit a variety of Ethernet-based networks while also allowing you to save money. Let's look at some of the advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages:

  • Supports Ethernet-based networks' durability and censorship resistance.
  • All transactions are verified by a third party.
  • Can communicate with any public blockchain contract (no intermediary required).
  • If necessary, the ability to query (read-only) blockchain status (accounts, contracts, etc.) offline.
  • Ability to query the blockchain without revealing what you're looking at to third parties.
  • The ability to publish your own contracts on the public blockchain (no intermediary required)


  • Large and rising hardware and bandwidth resources are required.
  • The first initial download can take hours or days to synchronize.
  • To stay in sync, it must be maintained, improved, and kept online.

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