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OneKey Hardware Wallet Tutorial

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This tutorial will help you find your way around the different features.

Please note that this is not a guide to crypto for beginners. We assume you already know about things like seed phrases, private keys, and addresses and have some experience with software wallets.


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The first and most important thing for new users to remember is to NEVER share their seed phrase with anyone. Some of the most common tricks used by con artists are:

We'll send you a direct message on social media with the profile of a team member and ask you to share your seed phrase or a link to a website where we can get that information.

Buy ads on social media or search engines for their phishing sites to get your seed phrase or register similar domains expecting you to enter sensitive information.

As a beginner, you can use these tutorials to make it easy to use your OneKey hardware wallet and its companion app to send and receive cryptocurrencies with a higher level of security.






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