Why is the Onekey hardware wallet safe?

OneKey hardware wallet, no matter hardware or software, to do the whole process of open source. Built-in anti-counterfeiting services and security chips.

OneKey provides an isolated (offline) environment for the creation of private keys to prevent hackers from conducting cyber attacks: existing mobile phone software hot wallets are directly connected to the network, making private keys vulnerable to cyber attacks; hardware wallets keep the private key/seed offline through hardware entities.

The OneKey wallet system is able to protect its key components from illegal tampering. When an attack occurs, a hardware wallet with the ability to protect system integrity will be able to detect the attack and provide a security response accordingly.

The OneKey wallet can encrypt the wallet seed. The security provided by network isolation and system integrity protection is important, but still not enough. If an attacker gets their hands on a physical device, they also need to ensure that the attacker cannot extract wallet seed information from the device. A typical software wallet, on the other hand, can be used by hackers to extract your private key through technical means.

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