Why is the Onekey hardware wallet safe?

To do the entire process of open source, OneKey hardware wallet, regardless of hardware or software. Anti-counterfeiting service and security chip built-in.

Existing cell phone software hot wallets are directly connected to the network, and private keys are vulnerable to network attacks; while hardware wallets keep "private keys/seed" offline through hardware entities, OneKey provides an isolated (offline) environment for private key creation to prevent network attacks by hackers.

The critical components of OneKey wallet systems are protected from unauthorized alteration. Any system can be hacked, and a hardware wallet with system integrity protection can detect the attack and respond with appropriate security.

Wallet seeds can be encrypted in OneKey wallets. Network isolation and system integrity protection provide crucial security, but they aren't enough. If an attacker obtains physical access to the device, it is also critical to guarantee that the attacker is unable to extract the wallet seed information. A hacker can also extract your private key from a conventional software wallet using technological techniques.

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