Fix the issue of OneKey Pro screen characters displaying as blocks

If your OneKey Pro encounters the issue shown below during a firmware upgrade, where most characters on the screen are displayed as blocks, please follow the steps in this guide to resolve the problem.


Steps to Fix

  1. Enter the Bootloader Mode
    • While the device is off, press and hold the power button for about 2 seconds.

    • Release the power button once the startup animation appears.

    • Wait for the progress bar in the center of the screen to move from left to right once.

    • Then, press and hold the power button again while simultaneously swiping up on the screen multiple times with a single finger until the screen displays "OneKey Bootloader."

    • Release the power button.

  2. Download the Latest Resource Files for OneKey Pro
    • Visit the OneKey CDN
    • Navigate to "pro" -> "firmware-v5" -> "fullResource" to get the download link for the resources. Download the file and extract it.SCR-20240708-nmwz.png
  3. Copy the Resource Files
    • Connect the OneKey Pro to your computer using a data cable. Locate and open the disk named "ONEKEY DATA."
    • Find the folder named "res" on this disk (Note: Ensure that your computer system is set to "show hidden files").
    • Copy all the files from the extracted resource folder into the "res" folder. If prompted to overwrite existing files, choose "Overwrite All."
    • Once the file copying is complete, safely eject the disk from your computer and restart the OneKey Pro.

By following these steps, the character display issue on your OneKey Pro should be resolved.

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