Move crypto to OneKey

In this article we show you how to safely transfer your bitcoin and cryptocurrency funds into an account protected by your OneKey device.

Send your crypto holdings to OneKey

If you already have cryptocurrency assets stored in a wallet, you can easily transfer them to a OneKey-secured account using a receiving address generated in the OneKey App and verified with your OneKey device. We recommend withdrawing your coins from exchanges.

Steps to withdraw your cryptos from exchanges

Step1: Generate a Secure Address
  • Open the OneKey App, select the desired account, and click on "Receive."


  • Click on "Check Address" to view the full address.


Step2: Copy the Address
  • Confirm the address on your OneKey hardware wallet. Ensure that the address shown in the OneKey App matches the one displayed on your OneKey device.
  • Once verified, copy the address to your clipboard or use the QR code if supported by the exchange.
Step3: Initiate Withdrawal
  • Paste the withdrawal address or scan the QR code when prompted by the online exchange. Most exchanges provide detailed instructions for withdrawals, so refer to their documentation if needed.

Buy crypto with OneKey App

If you don't yet own any cryptocurrencies, you can easily purchase them using the OneKey App. Thanks to our seamless integration with trusted exchange partners, acquiring crypto is straightforward.

Step1: Open the OneKey App
  • Click on "More" and choose "Buy Crypto."


Step2: Set Up Your Trade
  • Choose your preferred payment method.


  • Configure your trade and search for the best offers from various providers.


Step3: Complete Your Purchase
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and you will be re-directed to the provider's interface to finalise the payment. (For example, Banxa)



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