How to transfer Ordinals assets on OneKey App (BRC-20 tokens & NFTs)

This article will walk you through the steps of transferring your Bitcoin Ordinals assets (BRC-20 tokens & Ordinals NFT collections) on OneKey App.

Please visit in a web browser for Ordinals asset transfers.


Prerequisite: Restore Bitcoin Taproot Address
  • Visit OneKey App on website:
  • Choose "Import Wallet" or "Connect Hardware Wallet" to restore your wallet.
  • Click "+" - "Add Account".


  • Choose "Taproot" to restore your the Taproot address.


Method 1: Transfer BRC-20 Tokens
  • Select the BRC-20 tokens that you wish to transfer. (For example: $ORDI)
  • Click on the token($ORDI) and choose "Send" - "Inscribe."


  • Enter the amount of tokens to be sent and choose "Next."
  • Confirm the information in the preview and choose "Next."
  • Confirm the transaction details and choose "Confirm."


  • You will be able to see the available amount of $ODRI token after the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain network.
  • Click "Send" and enter the recipient's wallet address.
  • Double-confirm the destination address and choose "Next."
  • Confirm the transaction details and click "Confirm."


  • Your transaction will be complete after it gets confirmed on the blockchain network.
Method 2: Transfer Ordinals Collections
  • Click on "NFT" and select the collection (NFT) you wish to transfer.
  • Click on "Send" and enter the recipient's address. 
  • Click on "Next" and confirm the transaction details to broadcast the transaction in the Bitcoin network.


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